Neurological Disorder Evaluation & Treatment

Dr. Latimer uses her 20+ years of experience in the field of Pediatric Neurology to evaluate and treat neurological disorders. It is vital that you have a trained and experienced neurologist evaluate your symptoms to avoid misdiagnosis. We go through a series of tests and questions aimed at finding the precise cause of your symptoms.

Your first visit will take about an hour. During your visit we will review your medical history, previous treatments as well as your current concerns.  We will conduct a neurological evaluation, which may include asking questions about you sleeping habits, dietary history,exercise routines, lifestyle and mental health.

Our goal is to understand and treat your medical complaints. If you have had treatment and evaluations in the past it would be helpful if you sent us a copy in advance. You may require further assessments suchs as MRIs, X-rays, blood test or other medical or psychiatric consultations.


  • Our appointments are typically 60 minutes for a new appointment and 20-30 minutes for a follow-up appointment.
  • If you have made an appointment and are unable to keep it we appreciate being notified at least 24 hours in advance of service.
  • We generally can accommodate most patients with follow-up care within a few days and if there is acute headache care more promptly.
  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes ahead of the appointment to fill out registration forms and medical history or do so in advance by downloading our registration forms and history from the internet.
  • Please bring your Medicare or insurance cards to the office visit and the list of medications you are on.

We offer our patients the most compassionate and effective neurological care in Bethesda MD and surrounding areas. Our priority is properly assessing your condition and supplying you with the best treatment possible.

Pediatric Neurologist

Because adults and children are in different stages of their development, they face a different set of challenges. Many of the conditions we treat such as ADHD, PANDAS, and PANS develop early on in childhood. As a pediatric neurology practice, we’re able to focus on those specific conditions and disorders that children experience and provide compassionate care for your child.

As part of our commitment to offering the best service possible, we are on call 24/7 in cases of emergencies, and you are able to stay in contact and communicate with us through our convenient patient portal. We are with you through every step of your treatment, and are here to help you in any way we can. Call the Latimer Neurology Center at (202) 625-4898 to schedule your appointment today.