Concussions are traumatic injuries to the brain that affect its functionality. Generally, the immediate effects of a concussion are temporary. But if they occur frequently, concussions can cause long term damage to your memory, balance, and coordination.

The most common cause of concussions are blows to the head. However, they can also be a result of your head being shaken vigorously. Some concussions can cause you to become temporarily unconscious.

Concussions are most common in athletes that participate in contact sports. You may have seen stories in the news surrounding football players suffering from concussions and efforts to minimize the amount of concussions the players suffer. Since concussions injure the brain, it takes time for it to fully recover, which is a major concern in contact sports. If you have a child that participates in school sports, concussions should be a concern.

For mild concussions, people are typically able to recover and function normally after a brief recovery period. Have a shot at a person’s luck is a cube video game europa casino bonus code no deposit. But all concussions (mild or severe) can be dangerous and cause serious injuries.

Symptoms of Concussions

The symptoms of a concussion can appear immediately after you’ve had a blow to the head, and continue for days. Some of the signs of a concussion are:

  • A headache
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Memory loss
  • Becoming unconscious
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Issues with speech (slurring and delays)
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Fatigue

Infants and toddlers can also suffer concussions. Identifying concussions for infants and toddlers can be more difficult since they cannot communicate. If your baby has suffered head trauma, you should seek medical attention as soon a possible.

At our office, we will give you a complete exam to determine whether or not you’re suffering from a concussion.

Concussion Treatment

It is very important that you rest if you have had a concussion. You should avoid vigorous activities such as exercise or playing sports until you have been cleared by a doctor. If you are experiencing headaches from a concussion, pain relievers may help.

Pediatric Concussion Assessment and Management

Because of the long term effects of concussions, it’s important that children seek care immediately if they have suffered a blow to the head or other brain injuries. In many cases, kids can recover from concussions quickly, but we provide ongoing monitoring and assessments for children who have suffered a concussion to ensure they grow and develop normally.

We can work with you and your child so that they receive any necessary accommodations for schoolwork and activities after suffering a concussion.
You can help prevent concussions by wearing all of the necessary protective gear when playing sports, being alert, and being safe while performing any potentially risky activities. If you have had a concussion, call the Latimer Neurology Center at (202) 625-4898 to be examined by an experienced neurologist.